What is the purpose of your Blog?

what inspires you with your online business

Do you ask yourself that very often? I know I do.

purpose of your blog

This morning I was listening to a weekly webinar, its part of a course I signed up for at the beginning of the year. Great program, we’re learning from a couple of experts on how to really master being an Amazon seller.

As some of you may know, we are already Amazon affiliates and have been successfully doing that for some years now. But we thought we would hop on the other side and check it out. Certainly trickier than being an affiliate, but we are pretty determined buggers so we are enjoying the challenge.

I love exploring all the different ways to make money online first hand!

Today they were talking about how to find different products and they mentioned a few of theirs. Of course, I started thinking about what else would I like to be selling on Amazon. That started a whole train of thoughts about my current websites, blogs and passions.

Now for some people, the product is just the vehicle and they don’t mind what they sell, but I just can’t do that. Any more than I can promote something I don’t really believe in, just for the money.

I realized, yet again, I am most successful in my businesses when I am actually passionate about my product.

Some of the things in my life that really get me enthused are:

  • Self-sufficiency (our goal)
  • Environmentally friendly products (important part of my world)
  • Pet pigs (we have 13)
  • Pet Chickens (we have 30)
  • Sharing how to make an income online (we have 40 businesses)
  • Sustainable gardening (love my veggie gardens)
  • Beekeeping (I love my hive)
  • Plant-based diets (my passion for my health)
two of our darling pigs.

two of our darling pigs.

It’s a diverse list but includes my passions, my hobbies, and my loves. They are the very things that get me out of bed (apart from my family), so of course, that is where my mind goes when I think of products to create, promote or teach about. From that list alone there are literally dozens of online business models I could create.

The fun thing with each and every one of these topics, is I have experience with them, I have success with them, I am super passionate about them and I would talk about and coach on them even if there was no income involved (and frequently do!). I will chat for ages with someone about any of the above just to share ideas or perhaps help them out. It’s my fuel and my inspiration!

Now that to me is feedback. If I was just doing it for the money, as soon as the going got tough with a website or blog, I would be discouraged and probably bail! When you look at the most successful bloggers they all say, “I got started just to help myself/share ideas/because I love it!” None of the real leaders ever say, “I did it for the cash!”

So I guess my question to you is; “what is your passion?”

What gets you out of bed, what is the thing you can’t help thinking about? This leads to the purpose of your blog. Because hopefully, you are already blogging about a passion!

If you are anything like me, you are going to be more inspired to sit at your computer when you have something to write about that you just love……

One of my favs at the moment is the Chicken Chick. She’s a hoot.

Guess what she writes about?

She has built an empire doing Facebook live every day in her back garden filming her 50 something chickens! Now that’s a fun and simple model!

Another one I love is Mr. Money Mustache. He’s built an amazing online business talking about frugal living!

So what’s your thing?

Once you know, you can go forward with commitment. You can then create your blog, build your audience, add affiliate links to products you believe in and just have fun chatting about what you love. Sounds too simple… well it can be, ask Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

And guess what you don’t have to stop at one site. As I’ve said before, “one is a dangerous number” with online businesses. Once you have the formula down and you understand the importance of leverage and working on your business, not in it, you can develop (or buy) as many as you want.  I do suggest to keep the passion for the products there so you don’t get burnt out or jaded by it… keep it fun and inspiring!!

I just got off the phone with a woman who has the most amazing idea and small local business she wants to take online. We spoke for an hour and I could have spoken for another 5 hours with ideas on how to take her business online and really make it fly, why because it combines my love of online business with my love of animals (her business). So its a no-brainer for me! and now I’m inspired because I shared ideas, felt the passion I have for these topics and feel re-energized to work on my own online businesses again!

Your energy around your online business is good feedback, “Do I feel good when I’m working on it, or does it bring me down” listen to the feedback and adjust accordingly! Let’s face it if you’re not blogging about something you have a passion for, maybe its time to take stock and revisit your purpose for blogging at all!

We are going to be talking about ways to create an amazing online income with passion and without spending every waking minute doing it in our upcoming program. LMB Academy. (see, this is where I get to chat about my love of sharing how to make money online!) If you’d like more information about our upcoming course, just leave us your details and we will be in touch once we are up and running.

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For now, I hope you take the simple message of 1.make sure you are having fun. 2. Do it YOUR way and 3.talk about what you love or what is really important to you.

Love to hear what you do to keep inspired and passionate about your business/es.  Feel free to comment down below so we can all learn together!

dont let anyone ever dull your sparkle

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  • Sharon Smith October 20, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Hello admin,
    Happy reading your logical article. ????????
    Over the course of my life, I’ve embraced a number of different hobbies: baseball cards, video games, tennis, art, just to name a few. But none of them have changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as blogging.
    Great thanks for sharing this amazing article. 🙂

  • May @ NatureImmerse October 22, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    It is simple. I do my blog as it is my hobby 🙂

  • Dipak jadhav November 29, 2018 at 9:30 am

    One of the best blog on internet with having such helpful information for every new blogger. Loved reading it always and really gets some good and helpful knowledge on blogging. Thanks a lot for this. Keep rocking