How to Earn $5,000/month on Your New Blog

Have you been blogging for a little while and not happy with your earnings?  Wondering what the secret sauce is that has some bloggers making thousands per month while you’re earning peanuts?  You’re going to learn how Ashli from The Million Dollar Mama earns $5K per month on her brand new blog!  She shares the real deal and tells it all so you can replicate her strategy and start earning too!  Intrigued?

Here’s her strategy for making money via blogging..

amazon associates

It’s affiliate marketing!

I know, I know, you have heard this before.  Put links in your blog posts for affiliates and get paid but you’re doing this and it’s not working. What gives?  Affiliate marketing is an excellent income source for bloggers.  You get the most success with affiliate links if you promote appropriate products, place the links in a smart way, and be consistent.

Promoting the Right Products

This means selecting an affiliate that’s a great fit for your audience.  This means if you’re running a wellness/health blog, you won’t be referring tech products.  If you’re running a tech blog, you won’t be referring fashion apparel.  Make sense? You want to keep in mind several things when picking affiliate products:

  • Does this product solve a problem?
  • Do your readers have this problem?
  • Is the product legitimate and ethical?

Ask yourself these questions while you’re searching for the right affiliate products for your blog.

Smartly Placing Links

To be most successful with affiliate marketing, you need to be strategic with where you place your links.  Place them in your blog post (in multiple places), in images, in social media, in your sidebar, in your newsletter, etc.

If you’re crafting a blog post promoting a product, use the affiliate link multiple times in the post.  Smart placement can help your affiliate income grow sky high.


This means, be very regular about your affiliate strategy.  You need to follow your affiliate routine every single time. That’s it!

Ashli’s Affiliate Marketing Tactics

Ashli does affiliate marketing through the Amazon Associates program.  Yes, Amazon Associates!  And, she earns $5,000/month doing so! That’s more than many people make in a traditional 9 to 5 job, let alone blogging!  Keep reading to get the scoop on Amazon Associates.

What’s Amazon Associates?

It’s the affiliate program for Amazon.  I know you know Amazon. It’s a HUGE shopping marketplace where you can buy anything, even groceries and gas!  What’s great about the Amazon Associates program is that appeals to multiple niches.  To be clear, it appeals to EVERY NICHE!

Do you have a health blog, a business blog, a fashion blog, a parenting blog, etc?  You will be able to find a product on Amazon to refer to customers.

How it Works?

Here are the exact steps I followed to start earning commissions through Amazon on my blog.

Step 1.) Sign up with Amazon Associates

Step 2.) Read the terms and follow the rules

Step 3.) Grab this guide

That’s it!

Now, the magic is in the guide.  Ashli created the ebook to share how she built her blogging empire on her new blog (under 1-year-old) with Amazon.  She reveals it all and it’s written in a way that will get you excited to dive into the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

How do I know?

I have the book!  Yes, I have this ebook so I speak from experience and yes I’ve seen results!

I’ve used the strategies from the ebook for a few weeks now and here are my results…

Now, these results aren’t mind blowing but they are something special to me.

Here’s why:  I joined Amazon Associates over a year ago.  In the past year, I earned under $1 in commissions.  Yep, less than a buck!  I tried and tried but couldn’t figure out why I was failing with this affiliate program.  Eventually, I just gave up.  I figured that this affiliate program wasn’t for everyone.  I was succeeding with referring other affiliate sales for products and services so I just stuck with those.

Fast forward to today, my first month using Ashli’s Cracking the Code ebook, I had a conversion rate of around 1% and commissions of around $30.  I was thrilled!  Think about it, a year at less than a dollar then in the first few weeks  I earned $30!  This isn’t life changing money but you gotta celebrate the small wins too, you know.

Since month 1, in this month, I’m at over $100 with a 3.67% conversion rate.

Here’s a secret too: I’ve only added Amazon affiliate links to 2 posts on my blog! That’s it. Two posts have earned me over $100 in affiliate commissions.  Can you imagine if Amazon links were added to every blog post?

The potential to make big income with Amazon Associates definitely exists.

Why You’ll Love Cracking the Code

This ebook is over 40 pages of engaging instruction from a real blogger.  She’s down to earth and tells it like it is.  She shares her story and journey through blogging including:

  • Why Monetizing with Amazon is a Good Idea
  • The Amazon Associates application process
  • Creating posts that convert
  • Finding roundup post ideas
  • Amazon bounties explained
  • Finding what your readers actually want
  • Using social media
  • Creating curiosity and capitalizing on international traffic
  • Important tips

The ebook is STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. There’s no fluff. You’ll get her exact steps and the best part?  It is just $20 for the full guide (may be for a limited time).  Sold yet?  It’s an investment that will pay for itself fast!  Grab your copy here!

Wrap Up

Excited yet?  You are going to learn the ins and outs of Amazon affiliate marketing.  Don’t forget to head back to Amazon after you finish the ebook to familiarize yourself with their guidelines.  Are you already using the Amazon Associates program with success?  Share your best practices with us down below. We’d love to hear your story.

P.S Jenn wrote this article and I love the detail she went into.

For those of you that know us and what we do online, you will know this is one of our foundation strategies. Below is a screen shot of what can be achieved with this model 4 years in. This is our December Amazon Associate earnings. It’s pretty hands off once you get the hang of it, so grab your copy of this ebook and you will have one of the best strategies available! It is a brilliant way to make an online income, either as part of your strategy or even as the only one you have!

Another example, although I can’t quote income because it’s not my site, is a from a woman who blogs about her chickens… Yes I do love chickens! I was watching her Facebook live video this morning as she was wandering around chatting about her bees and her chickens – with hundreds of us watching – she happened to strategically mention a product she loves that is available on Amazon.

No, not a product for or about chickens, but she knows her audience well and knows this product will be of interest to them. As she put the link up, with her affiliate code, on Facebook once the live feed was over, it went nuts with likes and shares. This is another great way to utilize your Amazon Associates account and a great example of sharing products your audience will be interested in. But more on this little tip in the book. I really encourage anyone wanting to learn this strategy to buy this book and emulate what she says to do. It is one of the best intro books I’ve ever read.

Cheers Lucy


amazon associates



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