Why Im Changing the name of my Blog.

This post started out as a means to justify why I was changing the name of my blog. Then I realized, who I was writing it for. We are all in this together. We all want to succeed and we (hopefully) have each other’s backs.

So instead of justifying, let me just explain and I hope you relate to my reasons. When I bought this blog, I was, in fact wanting to buy another one, with a great name, that I really related to.

Unfortunately, due to the time difference between the U.S and Australia, I missed that auction so decided to buy another blog the same woman was selling as I really liked the seller and how she operated. Although the content was brilliant, I wasn’t really comfortable with the name of the blog I bought, as it didn’t reflect any of my personality or what I wanted to say.. “Oh well, I’m sure I can make it work” was my comment to myself, (and my hubby).

But over time, I have found myself struggling to find my voice inside “Love my Blog” so the time has come to change the name make it mine. If you’ve read anything about me, you will know some of what my passions, interests and skills are. I have a long and varied background in business, both online and off.

But one of my greatest skills is finding and developing online businesses and helping others do the same thing (as an introvert) all while being at home on my amazing farm, with a stunning view and no debt!

 I have messages from people who read my blog, sharing how they relate to my story of being an introvert and needing to find a way to make this work in an extrovert’s world.

My most successful post to date is Blogging for Introverts.  When I sat down this January to do my goals for the year, I struggled to find how I wanted to develop Love My Blog, then it hit me.  I really needed to identify with it and claim it for me. So time for a name change that I related to.  I’m the voice of this blog, Now called The Introverted Blogger, because that’s me in a nutshell. A life loving, animal hugging, veggie growing, introverted blogger.

I have a quirky, unique life, full of freedom and lots of time to spend with our rescue farm animals, my kids, my hubby and of course my veggie garden. I have lots of free time, plenty of income to do what works for me and I’d love to share more of who I am and what works in my world, because I know out there are people just like me, who relate to me, my ways, my ideas, and values.

What is your unique voice?

What makes you want to share your story with the world, what have you got to offer?  When there are over 150 million blogs currently, you need to consider what’s different about your message? We really don’t need more of the same. Stop doing it like everyone else, you have life and business lessons and a perspective no-one else has, and I bet anything, when you share your authentic self with your own message to the world, you will start to see results.

The time is right for you to add your touch, your spin and make it yours, make it special. Have fun and I have faith in you.

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  • Edwin Dearborn October 16, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Rebranding is a common activity with major brands. I wish you best of luck with your change.