Finding your online Mojo

find your Mojo, how to make money online

Just how are you going to generate an online income?

find your Mojo, how to make money online

I know I bang on a bit about finding your own online path, and I do this for a reason. I personally don’t believe anyone should fail at making money online. I say this because I know it to be true.

The trick is finding what floats your personal boat.

We are all different, thank Goodness or life would be incredibly boring. We have different likes in clothes, TV shows, partners, and jobs. What is the foundation… our personalities. Yes, we can explore all the physiology behind that and profile each of us. But for argument’s sake, let’s keep it simple. We just like different things.

My hubby will sit for hours, watch football while playing online football “stuff”. I would rather stick a needle in my eye. But I can veggie garden for hours and share ideas about gardening (and chickens) with a friend, to him, that’s a chore!

Translate that to our working life and although we both work from home with online businesses, those businesses are very different. I love online community, developing products and coaching. I’m not particularly analytical and hate monitoring stats. My hubby loves the analysis, he thrives on SEO (search engine optimization) and all that means.

If we were told “there is only one way to make money online, now go do it”, one of us would have failed miserably! (depending on what the “one way” was). Luckily, this isn’t the case, and as you know, from my going on and on about it, there are endless ways to make a really nice or extremely large online income.

In fact, I was chatting with a friend this week, and we were discussing just how many opportunities there are. So many, it can, in fact, get overwhelming. For me and my friend, it’s a case of making sure we don’t try to do too many at once because we know the potential of many ideas….

So today we are going to discuss how you find your style online.

How do you know what will work for you?

Well, What is your personality type?

What is your preferred way of interacting with the world?

If you are like my husband and love to research, analyze and outsource, blogging would not be your thing. He’s not a story teller; he uses few words and likes it that way. He sets tasks and just gets them done.

He has to have a statistical way to measure progress. He checks his websites rankings in Google, loves keyword research, SEO and has detailed spread sheets to track everything. He can tell you at any given time where his sites are ranking, for which keywords and what his back link profile is. Ha, do you even know what that all means?

If not, you may prefer to work like I do. I love to study, learn and test new things and share ideas with passion. I love to build my tribe, to find like minded people and reach out to people wanting to learn what I have to share. I love social media and storytelling.

You may think this is the perfect description of being a blogger. But not necessarily…..

These skills can apply to so many different online businesses.

Now, heres a common trap. Sadly, particularly stay home Mums, get caught in the belief that the only way to make money online is blogging. It in itself can be a slow and highly discouraging model. Actually, if you check Google trends it has been on a downward trend for the last five years.


blogging trends


But don’t despair if you had your heart set on being a blogger.

You can still make an amazing income. Remember Michelle from Making sense of Cents. She teaches how with Affiliate marketing. You just need to be able to find your unique spot within the blogging world. Remember we talked about everyone is different. But within that difference, we all have our own “tribe”, people that just get us and as a result would love to hear what we have to say. But if you try and copy what’s already been done, forget it. You have to find your own voice.

Even within the very broad definition of “blogging” there are just so many ways to make a decent income and we’ve discussed so many of them already.

Affiliate programs for Bloggers

Pay per lead programs for Bloggers

Earn an extra $1000 per/mo from home.

But again it comes back to what works for you.

Do you have the patience to sit and do surveys all day?

Are you the ultimate social media manager and love to take on the management other peoples accounts (I love this one by the way!)

Are you amazing at recommending products that you know your audience would love like Ashlii does, (don’t forget her book Cracking the code can help you here)

Alright so how do you find what works for you?

  • Try some ideas.
  • Then try some different ideas.
  • Keep faith that you will find a way to have something you’ll love doing from home to make money.

Don’t let anyone burst your bubble. When you first get started, you will hear the usual, “making money online is a scam”, “well it’s not for everyone”. It’s up to you to find the right support network until you can be your own cheerleader.

Tenacity is just about the only thing you have when you first start out and the only way you won’t succeed is if you quit!

Sure it seems to come easily for some people… So what!

You are not them and you will find your own groove and as a mentor of mine once said, once you find a way to make money online, it comes fast and it’s fun! We are living proof of that.

If you think you could use some support in finding the right online business for you, why not join our list so we can keep you updated on new ideas and strategies.

Join our tribe and get support making money online

find your mojo, how to make money online



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