8 Profitable Pay Per Lead Programs for Bloggers

profitable pay per lead programs for bloggers

Have you ever wondered how bloggers get paid?

Bloggers can actually earn income in a variety of ways: sponsored posts, ads, affiliate marketing, blogging for others, etc. One of my favorite ways to earn blogging is through pay per lead programs. You’ll learn the ins and outs of pay per lead programs, why they are awesome, and my recommended list for bloggers. Ready to get started?

What are Pay Per Lead Programs?

Pay per lead programs are a kind of affiliate marketing where affiliates (you) get paid on the successful lead (not sale). You may be familiar with pay per sale programs where you refer products and services on your blog and get paid if a customer purchases from your referral. Pay per lead programs work the same way except, instead of getting a commission on the sale, you get a commission on the lead.

What’s a lead? It can mean different things for different programs. It can be an email submission, newsletter signup, Facebook like, zip code submission, etc. These programs are very desirable for bloggers because convincing a potential customer to submit their email address, for example, is much easier than convincing them to buy.
Pay per lead programs are offered through affiliate networks.

How it works?

  • Sign up and get approved for the affiliate network.
  • Then, sign up and get approved for the pay per lead program.


Some networks to check out:

There are many more networks available too.

What’s great about pay per lead programs is that they are available in a variety of niches: make money online, health, electronics, fashion, etc. Once you are an approved member, you can search through the database of offers and pick the programs you’d like to promote.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Read offers carefully. It can be exciting to see high paying offers but make sure you understand the payment terms and what kind of marketing is allowed.
  • Join at least 2 networks for good variety
  • Check your stats often
  • Do A/B testing
  • Consider getting your affiliate link cloaked (if permitted) to compare campaign promotion methods. For example, promote 1 product in 2 different ways like via Facebook and via blog post. Get those 2 links cloaked individually so you can review the results and see which avenue performed best. Make sense?

More tips: CPA Marketing-How to Make Money with No Site, No Skill Nor Money

The Benefit of Pay Per Lead Programs

Another name for pay per lead is CPA (or cost per action). CPA marketing is a huge, thriving industry and a pursued avenue of income for many marketers. As explained above, you refer products and services and get paid by lead, not by sale. You can earn a lot of money in pay per lead programs and the income can be completely passive.

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What Do Pay Per Lead Programs Pay?

What kind of money can you earn from leads? Your commission is going to vary. Keep in mind, because you’re referring a lead and not a sale, the commission may be lower than referrals for sales, but not always. I’ve found commissions to fall in the range of $.50-$10+. It’s a big range that’s driven by the type of product, type of lead, and company.

The pay per lead programs I’m a member of and get consistent sales on are usually $3-$9 per lead.
Example: Earn an average of $6 per lead and make 20 leads/week means you would earn $120/week or $480/month.

The above example is for one product. Imagine if you made multiple product leads per week. The income potential is huge!

Check out these top pay per lead programs for bloggers (in no particular order):

  1. Vindale Research ($5/lead): Vindale is a survey company. You sign up with them and take surveys for money. They offer a killer referral program where they pay you $5/lead when you refer users who sign up.
  2. Kabbage Small Business Loans ($200/lead): Kabbage offers small business financing to companies in need of loans for business purposes (inventory, shipping, fulfilling orders, etc.). For successful leads, this company pays a handsome $200 per referral!
  3. UberEats ($40/lead): This is Uber for food delivery. Refer a driver and earn $25-$40 per lead (rate depends on the mode of transportation).
  4. 3 Day Blinds ($42/lead): Refer customers who confirm an appointment for blinds/window coverings and bank a cool $42 per lead.
  5. Bark Box ($14/lead): Refer customers to this dog treat subscription company.
  6. Scribd ($6/lead): Refer members to this book membership club where they will have access to read books, audiobooks, and more.
  7. Cashcrate ($3/lead): Cashcrate is another survey company that pays $3/lead for every customer you refer that signs up to take surveys.
  8. FabKids ($2.40/lead): For every customer, you refer that takes the FabKids style quiz, you earn $2.40.

These are just a handful of awesome pay per lead programs available. They can work for a variety of niches (kids/parenting, fashion, budgeting, finance, home décor, lifestyle, etc.).

To view allpay per lead offers, it’s highly recommended that you join a network (shown above) so you can gain full access and have your pick of offers to promote.

Final Thoughts

Profitable pay per lead programs for bloggers
There you have it, 8 profitable pay per lead programs for bloggers! To wrap up, check out the affiliate programs shared above and if you have an interest in getting paid on your blog through pay per lead programs, check out networks, which can connect you to some amazing offers.

Are you excited to get started with pay per lead programs? It’s a fun, rewarding way to earn money with your blog. There’s tons of opportunity, hundreds of offers, and it provides a great way to earn money passively with unlimited income potential!

Do you belong to pay per lead affiliate programs? Share your experience by commenting below!

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