8 High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Hey, blogger, we are talking affiliate programs today!

You’re going to learn which affiliate programs to target, what to look for, how to get commissions regularly, plus 8 high paying affiliate programs for bloggers, and more!  Let’s kick things off!

First, what’s affiliate marketing

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what affiliate marketing is so, we won’t go too in-depth about the definition.  In a nutshell, you promote a product on your blog. If that promo results in a sale, you get a small commission. That’s it!

Now, there are affiliate programs on a variety of different products in every niche.  Your goal is to pick good products to promote that result in commissions.

So, how do you do that?

Well, I’ll show you how!

Which Affiliate Programs Do I Target?

When you pick an affiliate program, you want to keep your audience in mind.  Gaining the reader’s trust is super important and very difficult to do.  Readers won’t trust a blogger who is always selling to them or who is clearly only pitching a product to make money.

That’s where balance comes in.  You have to balance selling an affiliate product with your reader’s need.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when picking an affiliate product:

  • Does this product solve a problem?
  • Will this product solve my reader’s problem?
  • Is this a quality product that would be worthwhile for my reader to explore?

Do you see how most of the questions are about your audience?

Keep them in mind always.

Now, once you’ve found a product that fits the bill, you can start promoting it.  Promote in your blog post, via social media, in your newsletter, etc. (as permitted by the affiliate program).  Once you’ve executed your promotion strategy, don’t forget about it!

You wanna keep coming back to it to re-promote so you can keep those commissions coming.  What does this look like?

Example: You are a personal finance blogger and decide on promoting a course on budgeting and saving money.  You write a post on your blog about it and promote it by pinning to Pinterest.

The example above is pretty typical.  In the example, Pinterest is used to promote the affiliate product.  Once you pin to Pinterest, you don’t wanna just pin it and forget it.  You will want to come back to Pinterest and repin.  Do this over and over. Not to be spammy, of course.  But, come back in a week and repin, then maybe a month and repin, you get the idea.

This is just one way you can continue promotion of an affiliate product.

Now, let’s dive into the meat of affiliate programs. What you came to this post for.

Here are 8 high paying affiliate programs for bloggers:

1. Web hosting

Web hosting affiliate programs are very high paying.  You can earn $50-$100 per sale and upwards.  Some examples: Bluehost, Siteground, WP Engine (earn up to $7,500 per sale with WP Engine).

2. Blogger courses

Courses are an INCREDIBLE source of high paying affiliate commission.  It makes sense, right? Bloggers know how hard you have to work to earn a commission, so attractive high paying commissions are offered on many courses.

Many pay 40%-80% commission.  My 2 high earners that I’m most successful with pay around $70/sale and $80/sale!  That means you’d only have to make around 12 or 13 sales a month to earn $1,000.  That’s crazy good!

How do you find blogger courses to promote?  This can be tricky.  They typically are not in affiliate networks like Shareasale.  Word of mouth is usually how most people learn about courses.  A thorough search on Google or Pinterest could reveal some great programs.  Here are 2 to get you started: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest Strategy Guide.

3. Blogger ebooks

Just like courses, ebooks written by bloggers pay nice commissions usually.  Many of the ebooks I promote pay $10+ per sale.  That’s pretty amazing, compared to $1 or $2 commission that many network-based affiliate programs offer.

To find them, go to Google or Pinterest and do a good search.  To get you started: Flipping Blogs for Profit and Cracking the Code.

#4.) Tailwind

Tailwind is a tool that automates social sharing.  You can automate your sharing for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  This is an awesome product because it fits every niche.  If you’re a food blogger or fashion blogger, you can reference Tailwind to earn a nice commission (greater than $15/sale).  Head to Shareasale to join their program.

#5.) Amazon Associates

Amazon!  It’s a huge marketplace that offers products in every category.  You can earn thousands per month by referring everyday products on your blog that readers buy on Amazon.  Amazon is so popular that there’s even such a thing as Amazon sites, which are niche sites that promote niche-specific Amazon products (baby strollers, fishing equipment, stamp collecting supplies, etc.).

The commission structure is a little too complex to explain.  It varies based on the product but the affiliate program is well-organized and you can track your earnings daily very easily.  A great one to join!

#6.) Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform.  You can earn up to $2,400 per sale with their affiliate program!  It’s an impressive platform so it won’t be a difficult sell.  Their 14 day trial will sell itself!

#7.) Max Bounty

Max Bounty is a CPA network.  This means you can get paid on successful sale or successful lead.  This means if you convince your reader to leave their email address, do a Facebook like, or opt into an offer, you can get paid!  Commissions vary and can range from $1 to $300 per sale!

#8.) MaxCDN

This content delivery network makes your site faster.   The plans are super affordable, starting at under $10/month and you can earn up to $4,800 per sale!

Wrap Up

You can see from the list that there’s a nice mix of different high paying programs.  High paying programs are great because you need less sales to earn a fair amount of income but keep in mind the points shared above.  Think about your reader’s need.

Do you have high paying affiliate programs to share?  Comment down below!

High Paying Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

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  • Savannah June 28, 2017 at 1:51 am

    What would you recommend for a beauty/fitness/health holistic blogger (Like me lol)?

    How do you make your Amazon sales the best?

    • Admin July 11, 2017 at 6:37 am

      Hi Savannah,

      Check out the latest article on becoming an Amazon associate it might help you. There are so many products you can recommend to your readers. A review of a particular product makes a lot of sense in your market. Especially if you are a trusted voice to your readers… Good Luck let us know how you go

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    I want to reinforce this issue of good content really is the main factor in maintaining a good relationship and creating engaging ties.