Interesting times hey!

when life is hard, just breathe

We live in an era where we have more Freedom, more Flexibility,

and more rights than ever in the history of man, and yet something like a virus can bring our global economy to its knees. We are still vulnerable, no matter how clever we get.

Conversations going on amongst our family members are all over the place, from the lack of toilet paper in the shops to the impact on the economy when (not if) they shut the schools. Mums and Dads will have to take leave regardless of whether they can afford to or whether they were saving those days off for that amazing holiday to Disneyland (which is now closed for a month) and what if they don’t have any accrued?

High-risk folk like the elderly are isolated like never before and pretty soon our hospital systems could be overrun. The stock market is in a tailspin and people are scrambling to work out what’s coming. Who knows where it will all land, none of us have that crystal ball. But do you know, there are so many reasons to be grateful, because of what we have learned from history, (think 1918, Spanish Flu) and access to communication systems like we have never had before, we are able to take precautions, take care of each other, (home delivery services, masks) and prevent this from becoming far worse than it could have been.

go for our dreams

Here in Australia, it has been a rough 6 months

We’ve had bushfires like we’ve never seen before followed immediately by floods and now a Pandemic, WOW. The impact on every aspect of our lives is quite remarkable. This is something we could never ever have predicted. I’m quite fascinated by watching how different groups and individuals are handling this latest crisis. Some people, as we’ve seen with #toiletpapergate are panicking to the extent they are having physical altercations at the supermarkets over something as simple as toilet paper.

But the people and organizations I am enjoying watching are the ones that are really showing their compassion and humanity. Sharing and kindness really come to the surface when there is a crisis like the one we are facing at the moment with the Corona Virus (COVID-19). I love watching social media blow up with memes that are all about the goodness in people. (I don’t mind some of the super funny ones about the toilet paper crisis as well!)

toilet paper shortage

When I started out with my online businesses little did I realize how well this would serve me in a situation like this? For the first time in my professional life, I am actually in a situation where a crisis isn’t affecting business. I work from home anyway, I deliver products and services virtually anyway so I don’t have to worry when our government closes schools, businesses or cancels large events.

I am grateful that circumstances have led us to where we are now.

When my husband and I woke up this morning, it was life as normal for us. Feed the residents of our farm sanctuary, go through our normal morning routine and then sit at our computers to start our workday. On any given day, we really don’t see people unless we have to go into town for something and most of our social interaction is online via apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Skype. As an introvert, this is how I love my days to flow so my stress levels over this event are extremely low.

How are you coping?

Are you in a similar situation or did Monday bring new stresses that you have never had to deal with before? I don’t like it when I see people taking advantage of a crisis by promoting fear or scarcity and jumping in to use that fear to sell you their latest ‘opportunity’, so I’m definitely not going to sell you anything at all. I just wanted to weigh in on this issue, and it matters to me that people know they have options. And it matters to me that we support each other in these times.

I am loving how so many online businesses that I know and support are stepping up and offering ideas, discounts, and freebies to help ease the fear and stress and perhaps to give people a chance to take the steps they need to finally create a side hustle. I really believe this is an opportunity for all of us, and if we take that stress and fear and channel it into creativity and focus, we can make something good come from this.

  • What if this is the time to realize your goals, to go for that big audacious dream?
  • What if with the right support you can move past the fear and stress f these times and reach those goals?
  • What if your online ecosystem was filled with encouragement, motivation and actionable steps to get you there.

Lets share who is stepping up in true caring is sharing mode and spread the good stuff.

So why don’t you join me and share in the comments any online business you know that is sharing the love, either with freebies, discounts or just encouragement.

I’ll get things started, Brendon Burchard has taken one of his high-level coaching sessions and released it for free to help people find their emotional center and stay positive and productive during this pandemic.

I love Brendon’s work so big shout out to him and his team for spending the weekend converting this into a podcast for all of us to listen to.

The Brendon Show

Another person who I greatly admire is offering 50% off her course while this crisis is taking place. She genuinely wants people to win and gives her heart and soul to serve her ‘tribe’ If you are serious about wanting to create something online and you feel now is the right time, Alex Elliot is your girl. Check out what she has to offer.
One group away

Ok, your turn, who do you know in the online business space that is doubling down to help others at this time?

live your dreams


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