Get educated, it’s never too late

The right way to Get Educated.

My husband and I lead a pretty simple life, we love to walk in the forest with our dogs, and we grow our own veggies and enjoy watching our chickens fossicking in the garden. We have a simple but beautiful home with a million dollar view that we own, money growing in the bank and no debt. We sleep well at night because we don’t have to stress about meeting credit card bills, making huge mortgage repayments or car loans and ironically we keep making more and more money.
We get to live like this because 5 years ago we made the choice to educate ourselves in the right way.


Get an education so you can retire early


What’s the Wrong Way?

One of my big frustrations is the academic expectations on young people today. Don’t get me wrong, I believe education is vital. We have the opportunity these days to learn whatever we want and knowledge is power and freedom. But why is there so much emphasis on an education that costs the earth and won’t necessarily guarantee a job/career/income at the end of it?

Ah the Good Old Days

In fact here in Australia, there are thousands of young people studying expensive University courses when there are far more graduating students each year than there will ever be jobs. It’s a ridiculous process and a sign of a system gone a bit pear shaped. When both of my sisters were studying nursing, they worked as “Junior” nurses in a paid job and took blocks of time for study and exams. Sure, they had to get the job as a Junior nurse first, but they weren’t wasting their time studying hoping there would be a job at the end of it.

And then there’s now!

Now fast forward to this generation, my niece (who also chose to nurse as a career), was studying full time at Uni, racking up a student debt, hoping to get a job at the end of it. And, Yep, it’s one of those areas where there are more graduates than jobs. So a lot of those young qualified nurses, will not be able to work in that industry, but still have the student debt to pay.

Get the right education so you can retire early

Crazy, Ass about System!

Even in primary and high school, the kids are learning so many pointless things. I’m amazed that they aren’t even teaching basic domestic budgeting and money management at school? Why do the kids have to wait until they leave school to learn about these critical life skills?

Now let me talk to you about education that can really make a difference.

You know our story, I’m not going to rehash again. But at a critical time in our lives, we, thank Goodness, made the decision to invest what little cash we had to educate ourselves on how to make extra, leveraged income. It was the best decision we have ever made. With the economy in freefall in 2008, we could have gone down with that sinking ship, but instead, we managed to grab a life raft and studied hard, learned, read, practiced and combined reducing expenses with earning extra money. We prioritized in this order, Education, reducing unnecessary spending and debt reduction.

For us, Education had to be top of the list.

We wanted other streams of income and were willing to pay experts to help us fast track. I know, we could have worked it out ourselves but heck, maybe we are slow, maybe it’s because we are oldies but our decision to pay for some coaching, study, and support accelerated our results and allowed us to create the lifestyle we now have 5 years later.

I am a bit of a course junkie.

There, my vice, I’ve admitted it…. But very rarely do I pay for a course and it doesn’t make me money. I’ve done enough courses to know the value of them. I’m the master of shortcuts. If I want to learn something I find the best teacher/coach I can, pay for the training and follow their instructions to the letter. It works and it’s the best way to push my income to the next level.

I also believe in having the right mindset as well as the practical skills.

If you don’t believe you can make extra income, you will end up quitting or sabotaging yourself. So some of the education I recommend is all about mindset and getting yourself set up to make it happen. When you know without a doubt that you will find a way, (or hopefully multiple ways) to make extra income. You will start to make it happen.

Then it’s fun.

When the challenges turn up, and they will, you will have the conviction and determination to find the solution to that problem. I have spoken to people that say, “Oh I tried to make money online, but it just didn’t work”. Hmm, what didn’t work? Maybe they didn’t work, maybe they gave up because they didn’t really believe it was going to work anyway. Some of them have even told me and my hubby that we were just lucky!!!!

It didn’t happen for us by luck or fate. We worked our butts off to get the results we have. But we worked on what mattered. Belief in ourselves and our desire, then we learned the necessary skills to create the income we wanted.

Now if you check out this article, one is a dangerous number you will see we have some great established, leveraged online businesses and incomes and you will see we are also developing more at any given time. We love to continue our education and as a result, the income just keeps coming. We are curious, motivated and know we will always love learning.

The result is more choices, more freedom, more fun and of course more income.

If you are just starting out and don’t really trust the process, start small. Check out some free courses on the topics that interest you. Youtube is a great resource. Start practicing some of the things you learn and see for yourself. But mostly, work on believing this will work for you. Persevere and you will find the ways that work for you. It may not be what works for someone else, but as long as it works for you, heck that’s all that matters. You may find Etsy is the perfect vehicle for you. Other people may find affiliate marketing works a treat for them. For some folks, blogging is the goose that lays the golden egg. There are some amazing courses out there and you can learn whatever you want if you are committed enough. For some of you who don’t even know where to start, feel free to hang around with us for a while.

If you want to stay close and learn with us, why not jump on our mailing list and we promise to share the journey with you. Even though we live a relaxed, semi-retired lifestyle and make over 6 figures in a fun leveraged way, We are just getting warmed up. There is a world of exciting opportunities out there so why not come on the ride with us.

Here’s to your success


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  • Hollie Hawley May 16, 2017 at 4:35 am

    What an inspiration! I’m working hard to build my online business, too.

    • Admin May 16, 2017 at 4:59 am

      It’s a fun lifestyle isn’t it Hollie!