Hi, my name is Lucy, welcome to The Introverted Blogger, I appreciate your time so thanks for dropping by.

This Blog is designed to help you build an enjoyable, leveraged income online whether that be through blogging or an online portfolio of websites and businesses.

We will share with you what’s worked for us:

  • We identify and review (from our personal experience),  realistic, tried and tested strategies, tools, and vehicles that can enable you as an individual or business owner to transition profitably to the online environment.
  • Ideas to leverage your time and get more done with less effort and stress.
  • Ways to create your own products and make money selling other peoples products
  • Plus lots more….. 🙂

Our Story

We are a regular Aussie couple,  with three amazing Children. We live on 40 magnificent acres just outside a country town in Sunny Queensland Australia. We chose to move here a few years ago for the fresh air, space, and peace.

You can read My story here if you want to know me a little better.

We had a successful importing company until the GFC (Global Financial Crisis, 2008). In a matter of a couple of years, we went from a significant income to basically living on our credit cards with no income. It really hit us hard.

Given that we had mostly worked for ourselves for the last 30 years, we definitely didn’t want to get a job, I had had some success online already so we started to explore the online world and check out what other options there were.

Did it open our eyes! We studied, researched, and practiced as we learned and it all started to make sense.

We learned that there are endless ways to make money online, have fun, and help other people in the process. So we started to implement some of the strategies we had learned.

Shortly after we got started we were earning $1,000  a month, we were pretty excited.

Not so much the amount lets face it, that’s a pretty average return, but it gave us the belief that this could be done. We figured if we could do that we could do even better.

6 months later we earned $50,000 in one month and then a year and a half after that we earned $108,000 in one month. And we have never looked back!

We were able to pay down debt, start saving again, and regain our lifestyle.

Today we have an amazing, albeit it a simple life, we have plenty of free time, we get to enjoy our work, help other people to do the same – and make a significant income in the process.

about us

Over the year’s we’ve had the opportunity to work and study with some of the world’s leaders in Online Marketing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. We share time with people who are creating multiple streams of income online and have a great time doing it. We have learned so much along the way, we have applied it and got the results.

We are looking forward to sharing it with you.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we continue to explore and grow. I mean it when I say, we are only just getting warmed up. There are so many opportunities out there if you are keen to learn, I’m keen to support you on your journey.

Come along for the ride and let’s have some fun together.

Lucy and Gary


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