How to Use Stumbleupon for Beginners

How to Use Stumbleupon for Blogging

How to use Stumbleupon for Beginners

Really, StumbleUpon…I know what you’re thinking. Not another social network! This one is different friends. Unlike other social networks you might use, Stumbleupon is an amazing content sharing network that makes going viral easier than ever! Interested yet? Read on to learn all about this network and how to use Stumbleupon for beginners.

How does Stumbleupon Work?

Stumbleupon works by showing you awesome content from around the web. When you arrive at the social network, you’ll be presented with a cool and interesting web page (based on the interests you selected when you set up your account) and you can choose to thumbs up or thumbs down the page and then Stumble on!
When you submit a thumbs up (like), that page will be saved to your account likes so you can go back and visit it in the future. When you thumbs down (dislike) a page, you are telling Stumbleupon that you don’t like the content that was shown. Easy as that.

How to Get Started

How to use stumbleupon

Step 1.) Visit Stumbleupon
Step 2.) Register for a free account and sign in

How to use stumbleupon

Step 3.) Pick your interests

How to use stumbleupon

Step 4.) Start Stumbling
The sign-up process is a breeze and once you’re all set you can start stumbling and submit your content direct to the site.

When to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Pages

This is really simple. Thumbs up or like a page that you are fond of. Thumbs down a page that you dislike. When you actually thumbs down a page, it tells Stumbleupon a lot of useful information:
• You are receiving too much content in the same interest group
• You are getting content that doesn’t match your interests
• There might be a technical issue

You will absolutely love Stumbleupon. A word of warning: it’s addictive. Super addictive.

You’ll want to stumble onto new pages for hours. That’s a good thing, though. Did you know that Stumbleupon rewards use of their platform? This means it’s actually favorable that you use the network. The more you use it, the better. More on this down below.

How to Use Stumbleupon for Blogging

When you’re a blogger, it’s a good idea to include Stumbleupon in your social media arsenal. It’s an incredibly powerful network that can help you get views and traffic to your site.

How it works?

When you publish a new post, I recommend submitting it to Stumbleupon. You can do this by using a social sharing button on your blog (Social Warfare is my favorite) or heading to your Stumbleupon account and adding the post URL to the site directly.
Here’s an example:

how to use stumbleupon

You can see this page has been stumbled over 12,000 times! That’s 12K+ shares to this one post. Can you imagine the reach this has? There are even pages with hundreds of thousands of shares and more!

how to use stumbleupon

This jolly rancher vodka tutorial got over 200K shares!
Now, these examples are over the top. There’s no guarantee that you will receive the same number or even close to the number of stumbles as these but there are ways to greatly improve your chances!

Secret Ways to Increase Your Stumbleupon Shares

These awesome tips will help you increase your chances of going viral on Stumbleupon. Ready to dive in? Here we go:

Tip 1.) Make your post shareable
This means to make sure you have a click-worthy, super tempting headline and even better content! Use Co-schedules free headline analyzer to improve your headline.

Tip 2.) Add social sharing buttons
Add these buttons to your site. Social Warfare is my top recommendation. Their buttons look like this:

how to use stumbleupon

Social share buttons allow readers to share your content to these different social networks. Sharing is good because it brings more traffic and can lead to your post going viral! These social share buttons appear on every single blog post you publish, making it super easy for readers to share to Stumbleupon (and other social networks too)!
Social Warfare is my favorite social sharing tool because the buttons are clean and attractive. They are also large buttons so readers can’t miss them! You can pick which networks you’d like displayed in your social bar, customize graphics and descriptions, and there are a lot more cool features too. Check out Social Warfare here.
I really can’t stress this enough. Social share buttons are a MUST!
Pro Tip: Social follow buttons are a must-have component of your blog too!
Tip 3.) Be active
Use the platform and follow users in your interest categories. This is simple but most people miss it. Use Stumbleupon as often as you can. The more you use it, the more you’ll get rewarded by having your content shown (or so the rumor says).
Tip 4.) Use Facebook groups to get a boost
Participate in Stumble engagement threads in Facebook groups. There are a ton of them. How they work? When you participate in a StumbleUpon engagement thread, you simply list your post you’d like to get stumbled, within the Facebook thread. Then, you stumble other thread posts according to the rules. In return, you get your post stumbled.
Some groups to get you started: Pinning Ain’t Easy, Show Your Blog Love, Awesome Bloggers

Tip 5.) Use Paid Discovery
Stumbleupon Paid Discovery is their ads platform where you can pay per page like. It’s super easy to get started and you can get tons of shares for as little as ten cents per stumble! Don’t miss out on this!
Pro Tip: Stumbleupon Traffic Boosting Secrets


How to use stumbleupon for Beginners

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Wrap Up

Excited about Stumbleupon yet? It’s a social bookmarking tool that you don’t want to miss out on. In fact, it was my #1 traffic driver on my new blog for months!
My best advice: Use it, use it often, and get your tribe to use it and stumble your posts too!
Are you familiar with Stumbleupon? Share your best tips down below

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