10 Money Making Tools to Boost Your Blog Income

10 money making tools

Did you know there are a TON of tools available to help you blog?

These tools help you automate, save time, make more money, and more!  Today, you’re gonna learn 10 of my favorite money-making tools to boost your blog income.

These tools are my favorite because they are:

  • Affordable or FREE!
  • User friendly
  • Super helpful

Curious, yet?

Here they are:

10 Money-Making Blogger Tools to Make Your More Money

#1.) Tailwind

I’ve talked about Tailwind before.  It was one of my first serious investments when I first started blogging.  It’s all about automation.  Tailwind helps you schedule your Pinterest pins (and Instagram, Twitter, and FB) automatically.  Why do this?  Pinterest is super helpful in getting traffic to your blog.  In fact, it was used on this blog to hit almost 10K page views in the first 30 days!

What you’ll love: Tailwind has an easy to use dashboard that has tons of helpful analytics data like what boards are getting the most repins, which pins are getting engagement, etc.  You can “set it and forget it” with Tailwind.

The best part: There’s a free trial and if you decide to use it long term, just $9.99/month (annual plan).  Can’t beat that!

#2.) Bluehost

Bluehost hosting is THE BEST! If you have another host, consider switching, because Bluehost is just that great!  The 1-click Wordpress installation makes setting up your Wordpress blog a breeze AND, they usually have some added marketing offers included in your purchase, for free!

What you’ll love: Bluehost’s dashboard is organized and easy to navigate. Their staff is friendly and responsive. I’ve had no issues with speed or downtime on my blog.

The best part: It’s super affordable. You can get hosting starting at $3.95/month (what!).

#3.) Evernote

Evernote is the best thing ever to keep you organized.  Are you ever out and about and get inspired to blog?  I do, all the time.  So, what do I do so I don’t lose my inspiration?  I pop out my cell phone, open the Evernote app and jot down notes in my Blogging folder.  Then, when I’m ready to produce content, I head back to Evernote and check out my latest notes. Easy!

What you’ll love: It’s awesome and makes note-taking fun.

The best part: It’s free!

#4.) Buzzsumo

You’re going to flip when you hear this. So, Buzzsumo shows you viral content.  You head to the site, type in some keywords and you’ll get a list of the top shared articles.  How does this help you?  Well, if you’re a proponent of the Skyscraper Method like me, you’ll use this to craft awesome, viral blog posts.

What you’ll love: Super easy, very eye-opening, and addictive!

The best part: While it’s one of the more expensive tools at $99/month (totally worth it, by the way), you can search endlessly for free (with limited information given) and still get some good use out of the tool.  So, you can try it for free for as long as you want and still get helpful insight on the virality of topics you search for.

#5.) Quora

A hidden gem for blog traffic.  First of all, Quora is social network question/answer site.  It’s like a lot of Q&A sites out there but you can gain followers, become an expert in specific topics, etc.  Many people don’t know the power of Quora, so I’m gonna share it with you!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Step 1: Go to Quora, set up a free profile and head to the search bar
  • Step 2: Type in your niche
  • Step 3: Navigate to the results of your search and pick questions you can answer
  • Step 4: Answer questions and insert your latest blog post (or relevant blog post) into your signature. That’s it!

What you’ll love: I follow this 4 step strategy for every single blog post I publish and aim for answering 5-10 questions per post, plus some extra questions when I have free time at home. It really works!  See what mega Internet marketer Neil Patel has to say about it.

The best part: It’s addictively fun and it’s free!

#6.) Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

I’ve talked about this before.  It’s a free tool to check the effectiveness of your headline.  A headline makes a huge impact on your traffic.  You want to have catchy, super awesome headlines to draw readers in to want to read your blog.

This tool will give you a grade and tell you where to improve. Easy!

What you’ll love: It’s interactive and fun to use.

The best part:  It’s absolutely free!

#7.)  Max CDN (Stack Path)

Ok, so I won’t get into the technical stuff about CDN’s too much but it basically makes your blog faster. Like, noticeably, mind-blowing fast!  It’s incredible.  This one from Max CDN is super easy to get set up and it’s only $9.99/month (and up).  Worth a try, for sure!

What you’ll love: Your blog will load much faster and you’ll notice it.

The best part: It’s affordable and the Max CDN staff are so friendly and helpful.

#8.) Jetpack plugin

The Jetpack plugin on Wordpress is amazing at putting together all your blog stats in an easy to read format.  You can check your views for the day, all time views, most popular articles, clicks, etc.  It’s great because all the info is spelled out for you, right in the dashboard. You will love it!

What you’ll love: It’s a plugin, easy!

The best part: It’s free!

#9.) Canva

My #1 go-to graphic design tool for designing pins, email headers, and other graphics.  I actually have the Canva for Work option, at $12.95/month.  It makes it easy for me to create brandable images quickly and I can upload fonts and do other cool stuff.

What you’ll love: Smooth learning curve, it’s just easy.

The best part: Flexible, tons of templates for just about everything, including e-book covers, Facebook board covers, etc.  Free, with an option to upgrade.

#10.) Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course

If you’re a blogger and HAVE NOT taken this course, you are missing out, big time!  Fromsuper-bloggerr, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, earning over 50K in affiliate income per month, over 100K in blog income per month, she teaches her strategy for making money with affiliate marketing.

Totally worth it.  You’ll love it.

What  you’ll love: If you follow her technique, you’ll see an increase in your income. My income increased by 10X within 3 weeks of completing the course. Not joking either.  The month before, I reported income of around $80 in my blog income report  and the following month I earned over $800!

The best part: The author, Michelle, is SO RESPONSIVE! It’s really mind-bloggling. If you email her, she will get right back to you, even late at night or on weekends (my personal experience).

Final Thoughts

There you have it!  My top list of killer blogging tools to help you earn more.  Do you have some favorite tools you use for your blog? We would love to hear from you. Please comment down below in comments so we can learn together!

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