How to Use Group Boards on Pinterest

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Have you ever wondered what those Pinterest group boards are all about?

Well, today you’ll learn all about them including how they can bring loads of traffic to your blog and make you money!


Prepping your account for Pinterest Growth + Traffic



Before we dive into group boards,

I’m going to teach you some simple techniques to optimize your Pinterest account.  These tips are golden and are the stuff taught in courses that you’ll learn here for free, so read carefully.

First, one of the basics for Pinterest account optimization is filling out your profile.  This is a no-brainer but often gets missed by so many.  What does this mean?

  • Upload a profile photo (an attractive photo of yourself or logo for your business)
  • Fill out your profile description (fill it with a keyword-rich explanation of your business or brand)
  • Set up 10 boards (the standard is 10 boards but the more the better. Each board should have a minimum of 10 pins)
  • Get a business account (change over from a personal account to a business account which is super valuable because you’ll gain access to analytics and ads)
  • Get rich pins (these will make a huge difference in your pins)
  • Gain 100 followers quick (for new or existing accounts, add a quick 100 followers by joining this Facebook group and participating in the weekly Pinterest follow thread)

Group Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest group boards can be started by any Pinterest user.  You create the board like you would normally, then invite collaborators to join.  When a collaborator joins, that means they can pin to the board just like you!  This is great because the more people that can pin means the faster the board will grow and the larger of an audience it will have.

These group boards usually revolve around a theme like vegan recipes, homeschool activities, work from home ideas, etc.  Here’s some examples:



How Pinterest Group Boards Work

These boards are very rewarding.  For Pinterest users, they are huge arsenals of pins for a specified topic.  They can browse and browse to soak up all the information the pins hold.  For Pinterest collaborators, they are an opportunity for your pins to be seen by a different audience and a chance to have traffic sent to your website.

As a collaborator, the idea is to join as many group boards as possible.

As a Pinterest consultant myself, I work with clients that want to grow their Pinterest presence and get traffic from the platform.  One of the first things I do is apply to Pinterest group boards.  My target is 50-100 group boards to start.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

It’s super beneficial and a great way to earn more money through your business and grow your Pinterest following like crazy.

Here are some tricks to mastering Pinterest group boards:

1. Use Pingroupie

Pingroupie is a FREE tool! You visit the site and search for group boards by keyword. You can sort by the number of collaborators, repins, followers, etc.  Then, you contact group board admins to apply to join.

How to apply?

Most group boards have application instructions right in the board description.  Usually, you just send an email to the admin requesting to join the board as a collaborator.

You’ll wanna include your Pinterest handle and Pinterest email address in the email.  Plus, make sure you are following the admin and the board.  Other ways to join include sending the admin a Pinterest message, commenting on a pin, filling out a form the admin provides, etc.

If a group board has no instructions, you’ll need to do a little bit of digging to find contact information for the admin so you can shoot them an email to apply.

2. Copy key influencers in your niche

Visit a handful of your favorite key influencers in your niche and see what boards they belong to.  Then, apply. Easy.

3. Develop a schedule for applying to boards

If you can get organized, you’ll have success with joining many group boards quickly.

My method: I apply to group boards 2-3X per week.  I dedicate an hour on these days to sourcing group boards and applying.

Wanna steal my email template? Just enter your email address and I’ll get it to you straight away.


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4. Start a group board (or several) yourself

This is a practice that many don’t do but it works really, really well.  You start a group board (or more than one) yourself.  Invite folks you follow to join and moderate the board.

This is a no-nonsense, passive way to gain traffic.  The most work you will have to do is responding to email applications and inviting users to join. That’s it!

As a group board admin, you become well-known and you create a collaborative place for your followers to see your pins.


Join these boards (if they are applicable to you) as a jumpstart:

Tools to help you Grow Your Pinterest Account

One of the hallmarks of growth is activity. That means generally, the more you pin, follow, engage, etc., the more your account grows.  One way to be active daily is to pin daily.  This isn’t pinning here and there throughout the day.  Your pinning strategy should be organized and strategic.

The clients I help, pin 100-400 times per day!  So they aren’t glued to their computer all day long, automation tools like Tailwind and Boardbooster are used.

Right now, you can get a $30 credit to your new Tailwind account if you sign up with them.  I use a Tailwind account and it helps to preserve my time so the scheduler can pin my pins while I work on other activities.  Tailwind also provides a host of other services like:

  • Instagram scheduling
  • Pin sourcing
  • Tailwind tribes
  • Analytics

Boardbooster is great because it’s a Pinterest scheduler as well plus offers some additional features like looping, pin doctor, board maintenance, and more.  Plans are super affordable starting at just $5/month.

Both tools are so affordable and beneficial that many people (myself included) use BOTH!

Don’t miss out by managing your account manually and try Tailwind or Boardbooster today.

Final Thoughts

You just learned the ins and outs of Pinterest group boards plus some bonus tidbits to help you get the most of your Pinterest account.  Do you have some Pinterest tips to share?  Comment down below so we can all learn together!

How to use group boards for pinterest

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